Core Challenge with Pre


Step & Sculpt – This class will burn mega calories as you move back and forth between simple step moves and intense muscle conditioning.
Core Fusion – Get a stronger core and be better at all other activities. The focus in this class is to tone and strengthen the entire core using various equipment as well as your own body.
Beach Bodies – Get the body you’ve always wanted. Using Barbells, dumbbells and tubing for an intense full body workout.
Core Challenge – 15 minutes of intense core work. A perfect addition to your workout!
On the Ball – Overall body workout using the Swedish Ball and other conditioning equipment.
Spin – Hit the road in this indoor cycling class. Drills, hills and sprints will get your heart pumping.
Boot Camp Boxing – This class will challenge you in every way! You will do traditional boot camp style drills as well as cardio boxing.
Yoga – Traditional yoga moves is a relaxing atmosphere. Reach your fitness goals of strength, balance and flexibility.
Circuit – This class is 45 minutes of nonstop movement! It is held in the circuit room.  We do 45 seconds of light and fast reps on the circuit machines and then 1-2 minutes of cardio and repeat until all machines have been used.
Booty Barre –This amazing class is a combination of cardio and strength! It uses the ballet barre for a ballet inspired workout that targets the lower body, especially the butt!
Cross Training – An intense combination of cardio and resistance work. Be ready to sweat.
Pilates – Basic mat Pilates for a full body workout, especially the core.
Basic Step – Great class to learn the basics of step
Step – Great step workout at a basic through intermediate level.
Step Jam – Our advanced step class is a blast! It uses intricate step moves for the ultimate step workout. To get the most out of this class you must be comfortable in our regular step class.
Insanity – High intensity interval training followed by short periods of active rest.
Body Construction – Strength training combined with high cardio intervals.
Happy Hour Boxing –Fun and high energy cardio boxing experience where the music is hyped, and the hour is happy! Participants learn boxing and kick techniques and burn lots of calories.
Box and Bag – Get rid of that negative energy by kicking and punching the boxing bag, burn mega calories too!
TRX – An amazing overall body workout using the popular TRX suspension bands.
Zumba – Ditch the workout and join the party! Easy to follow dance class utilizing international rhythms.
Blaze – An exciting fusion dance class using hip hop, Caribbean and African music.
Restorative Yoga – This class is much less rigorous than a regular yoga class. Find balance and deep relaxation using breath and meditation.
African Dance – Enjoy learning traditional West African dances in this exciting high-energy class! For all levels!
Chair Tease – This is a fun and playful strength class. You will perform moves while sitting, standing and moving around a chair.
Rock the Bells – This class is a combo of Cardio Boxing and Kettle Bell Strength!


Jan 21 2019


5:15 pm - 5:30 pm


Group Exercise

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