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Our Special Trainers

Well-qualified & Certified Instructors and Trainers

Sara Chobot

I love training and empowering other women!

Manny Rothmiller

I combine my sports and military history with 15 years of integrated professional training experience to help my people reach & exceed their goals with minimal risk of injury. My philosophy is “Anything less than an injury is an excuse” and if you are willing to make the commitment I am willing to make it happen for you. Contact me today to schedule a free fitness evaluation.

Sandy Fry

I specialize in helping clients to identify and commit to lifestyle changes to improve health, and in finding the joy of exercise. As a former SportFit Biggest Loser alumni, I have modeled this with consistent weight loss, weight maintenance, and improved health.

Toby Levan

My training style is relaxed but focused. I’m going to push you on those days that your energy is low and help you become stronger physically and mentally.


Welcome to the COACH WILL TRAINING ACADEMY. Coach Will instructs professional, college, amateur athletes to master the functional movement to play at an elite level – BASKETBALL, TENNIS, BASEBALL, LACROSSE AND HOCKEY.

Brandon Johnson

My training style is well rounded, science based, funtional, and adaptive.

Jackie McKinnon

I aim to leave you with ongoing results and benefits through positive engagement, strong leadership, flexibility, and innovation

Lorina Albarado

I take a holistic approach making sure my client’s body, mind, spirit, and emotions are in sync to create optimal health and wellness. I take it a step further and make sure proper body alignment is in sync for the exercise being done.

Jonathan Ross

From posture to performance and everything in between, we create the best approach for you and I teach it to you so you are not dependent on me.

Kristine Vander Wall

Group training classes include circuits, barbell training, kettlebell training, TRX, core work and cardio intervals.

Maria Nicole

My training style goes far beyond fitness. It’s about being focused, disciplined & w/o excuses.

Kevin Rachlin

Functional/ strength and conditioning