Mixed Level Cycle

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Cardiovascular fitness to the extreme! Indoor Cycling classes are a great way to workout. Take this class for the first time or for the 100th, you’ll enjoy such benefits as:

  • Burn anywhere from 10 to 12 kcal A MINUTE in a 45 minute class
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness and overall wellness
  • Certified, motivated instructors with motivating music and environment
  • State of the art bikes
  • A display that calculates heart rate, rpms, distance, watts, calories, gear and time
  • Take the guesswork out of your indoor ride with combine coaching and self assessment
  • A fun and invigorating fitness class experience Class Descriptions Addictive Cycle –



Addictive Cycle – Once you start you can’t stop! Get addicted to indoor cycle in this class
Beginner Cycle – Learn how to adjust your bike, form & how to tailor each class to your fitness level
Cardio Core Cycle – Work your cardio and your core in the same class!
Bass & Pace Spin – “Drop that Bass Beat” and pick up your pace in this rhythm based ryde! Hills and flats, jumps and sprints while working on your swag. Don’t you dare miss this dope beatbased class!
High Energy – A great way to finish off the day! You will go until you drop!
HOTT Urban Fuzion – drop a dope beat, work it out and sweat like you mean it!
Mixed Level – Beginner, veteran, or anywhere in between! This is for all levels!
Party Cycle – Come party in cycle class! It’s a healthy happy hour!
Rhythm and Move – this class gets you through with the energy of the music! Turn up the volume!
Senior Cycle – Super Seniors come and get your ride!
Spin and Sculpt – build your muscular strength while building your cardio endurance ~ two 4 one!!!
Spin Express – a 40 minute high intensity spin class paired with music videos to get your blood pumping, sweat flowing, and your laughter level lifted! All are welcome!
Sunday Core Fuzion pair pilates with pedaling and you get a powerhouse workout!
Sunday Cycle – Take it easy and get a fun filled ride in on your “off” day
Sunrise Cycle – Start the morning right with this energy filled early rooster class!
VideoSpin – Ride to your favorite music videos or scenic rides
Zentensity Cycle ~ Come relax and ride in this mixed level class that will have you rejuvenated and happy!


Sep 23 2019


9:15 am - 10:00 pm


Group Exercise

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