It’s All Sports (Jason Funkhouser) 6-13 years

Class Descriptions

Spring It On: Works to promote coordination, endurance, confidence, and safety all while having fun on a trampoline circuit. Set to high energy kid friendly music.

It’s All Sports: Children will master important physical skills as they gain balance, coordination and muscle control. Your child will use lots of physical and mental energy learning to throw, jump, climb, kick and run. A deeper understanding of the rules of each game will be reinforced in each class.

Dance and Play: Children will dance, play, and move to a variety of fun music, guided activities, and games. Little ones will enjoy learning new skills and achieving fun, easy motor challenges.

Cardio Blast: This class will consist of a variety of cardio exercises that will keep our heart rate up and our muscles moving! Class will include a warm up and cool down.

Dance Fit: Move to the beat and feel the rhythm of dynamic and exciting dance moves

ABC Yoga: Learn a new yoga pose for each letter of the alphabet

PiYo: Using both pilates and yoga poses to strength the way we move

Born to Move: Various stations kids will move around for strength, agility and fun

Play N Discover: Children will participate in various activities that will promote the use of their imagination and creativity.

Lil Soccer: Children will participate in various drills that will enhance each individual at their own skill level.

Boot Camp: Participants will strengthen muscular and cardiovascular endurance thru a series of workouts.

Childs Play: Children will participate in various games that will promote teamwork, body awareness, and strengthen cardio.

Cardio All Stars: Be prepared to move, move, and move some more! Participants will increase their cardio thru a series of aerobic activities such as games, exercises and team sports.

Move & Groove: This class will encourage children to move, dance, play and stretch.

Energy Blast: A variety of games and activities will be set up to allow children to release energy while incorporating fun and exercise.

Sports and Exercise: This class will consist of sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc… It will also consist of stretching and exercising.

Toddler Dash: Various obstacle courses to promote agility, stamina and overall fitness.

Kids CrossFit: Learning the general physical skills of CrossFit and providing fitness fun. Stamina, Strength, coordination and agility will be key.

Balls of Fun: Focusing on hand/eye coordination all while promoting healthy lifestyles. These kids will bounce, toss, and sort balls of all kinds.

Recess: Whether it’s outside/inside, old school or new, we will make sure to play all the favorite recess games. They may just seem like games but it sure will break a sweat so come ready.

Fitness Center: Kids will work out in the Fitness Center *ATHLETIC ATTIRE & SHOES REQUIRED* to participate.

Mighty Movement: Age appropriate gross & fine motor skills plus game play.

Flex N’ Fit: Cardio, exercise and gross motor skills incorporated in game play as well.

Zumba Kids: Be active and jam out to some favorite music.

Storytime Fitness: Coordinate stretches and exercises with a new story each week.


May 11 2019 - Jun 10 2019


10:55 am - 11:40 am


Kid's Fitness

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