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    Worlds Largest Swim Lesson

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 Junior Programs

QuickStart Junior Tennis
This program develops junior players faster and with more stable techniques by insuring that the kids have proper sized racquets, low compression balls for a lower and slower bounce, smaller court dimensions to allow them to realistically play points and learn control. We also play games and competition appropriate for their age without too much individual “match play”.

8 & under use the 36′ court with an 18′ wide court.

10 & under use a 60′ court with 6′ less width than a conventional court (21′ wide)

QuickStart High Performance
Certain under age 10 kids will be brought into this program as they demonstrate high competency.

This will lead into the High Performance Group as well.

Jr.Player Introduction
Kids ages 11-14 typically are beginners thru low intermediate that are still working on playing concepts and technique.

They will learn the key elements and start to apply them.

Jr. Player Development
Kids ages11-14 that would be intermediate thru advanced intermediate level that have attained competency in the strokes and can play points. These players will work on the next level of match play and performance with higher expectations for training and execution.

High Performance Group
These players are identified as high performers for their age. Ages vary from 6-16. Programs are custom made with the family. Players are expected to attend a few times a week and pay on a monthly basis rather than by session dates. These players have elected to pursue tennis as a high priority.

Adult Programs

Beginner/Intermediate Clinics
A wide variety of players join to work on their stroke technique in this instructional clinic. Learn how to improve your results by improving your approach to the game.

Cardio Tennis
A movement, fitness and drill class. Hit lots of balls, move your feet and enjoy the beat of the music. Yes, music. You will work harder and enjoy it with the music. Appropriate for all levels.

Doubles Drill/Play
Spend time working on your doubles strategy, positioning and movement. Review the strategy, practice the strategy and then try to incorporate it in play.

Intermediate Clinic
These players have mastered the ability to keep the ball in play, serve consistently and are familiar with the rules of tennis and basic strategy. Enhance your game by refining your skills to move up to the next level.

Total Tennis Workout
Get a great workout while you quickly move through a series of drills and games designed to give you a workout. Players should be 3.5 NTRP and above.