Diane S.

As a champion couch potato and lover of all things food, I was hesitant to start training as I wasn’t sure I had the time, energy, money, or really motivation to follow through.

I hesitantly signed up for one session with Sara just to see if I would even like the idea of changing my ways. From day one, Sara made me feel like I was working out with a friend and a mentor rather than a personal trainer. Which was exactly what I needed to inspire me to really try to reach my fitness goals. She showed me workouts that not only challenged me but kept me intrigued to what new or fun workout could Sara come up with for me. She personalizes each work out for your needs and talked to me about my nutritional habits as well.

To any individual reading this that has the same excuses that I had (time, energy, motivation, money, etc.) I say this: anything to benefit you is the best investment you will ever make. Make the time for your health even if its just one hour a week to start out! You get one body lets start treating it well. By this investment in your body, your body will thank you by giving you the energy that you are lacking right now. And what about the money? The amount of money I have spent at the gym on training twice a week for 6 months does not even compare to the amount that I used to spend each month going out to eat (YIKES). And your motivation can be formed within the relationships that you form with your trainer and fellow gym goers as it has for me. And let me tell you, Sara is one of the best! I have lost and kept off 15 pounds so far and really tightened areas that I thought would stay flabby forever. I feel strong, confident, and happy thanks to Sara and our hard work together.

So Sara if you’re reading this YOU THE REAL MVP.


KristenMaxwellI joined Sport Fit last year and was completely new to fitness. I didn’t know where to start, I knew I wanted to get “healthier” and “thinner” but had no idea how. Thanks to Eddie and her sculpt n abs class I got into strength training and was able to lose 20 lbs. Eddie makes each of her classes unique, engaging, and creative. She takes the time to teach correct form and pays attention to the class to keep everyone safe and motivated. She takes an interest in her participants, makes everyone feel welcome, and is always willing to give fitness advice or listen to small talk. Without her coaching and influence, I wouldn’t be where I am today and my membership fee would have just gone down the drain.

Thank you Eddie!


I never thought I would like water aerobics because I do not swim and have a fear of the water.  Water aerobics has taught me differently. I have been in the class for almost 2 years and love it!!!!  Rose, the instructor, is a wonderful leader, fun, friendly and helpful.  She shows different methods for moves for those who have trouble.  Rose plays a lot of “oldies” music which we all love and causes some of us to “dance in the water”.  The members of the class have become a “family” and we look out for each other and a lot of us keep in contact outside of the class because we have become good friends.  The class also has periodic “parties” where we either have a pot luck or meet at a restaurant outside of class to have fun together and socialize (which is hard while doing aerobics in the water).

I have an artificial knee and my doctor recommended water aerobics because I cannot run or jog.  Water aerobics has helped me maintain my weight and exercise but still “run” in the water and I actually work up a sweat.  There is no pressure at all on my knees and no pain.

I would highly recommend water aerobics for a great exercise class, good friendships and fun times!!!



I approached personal training with Brian at a very low point in my life. I just had a miscarriage, was deeply depressed, and because of this I gained substantial weight. I needed something to help me get motivated to get back on track, hold me accountable, and get excited about exercise again. I had tried personal training before and had certain expectations going into my first meeting with Brian. However, it was a very different experience than I was expecting!

Brian focused on education first- helping me understand proper movements and mechanics, heart rate zones, and the different phases of strength training. Not only did he hold me accountable and motivate me, he taught me what I should be doing on my own inside and outside of the gym. Brian was always available to help guide and encourage me. He helped me create fitness programs to do on my own at the gym, at home, or in a hotel gym during my frequent work travel. Brian took an active interest in helping me achieve my goals and push myself. With his guidance I have been able to increase my strength, challenge myself, and feel comfortable in any fitness setting.

My time with Brian has been extremely valuable! I have lost weight, feel stronger, am more confident, and am more educated about my body and abilities. Most importantly I am excited about fitness again!

Jeanne D’Alonzo Davis


AEBeforeAfterSandyThis is Sandy’s 60 lb. weight loss transformation pic!! In her words she has “regained her life” due to the various milestones she’s achieved in the process! Not only the weight loss but the self esteem she has rediscovered!! 

Sandy worked her tail off everyday for over a year and with the help of her Personal Trainer, Chris Brown she was able to reach those milestones. And she’s not done just yet!  Great job Sandy!! #Amazing #Motivation #GreatStory

Here Sandy is doing one of her favorite “Dynamic Core Movements”.  A squat with a overhead slam ball toss (10 lbs).  She typically does 3 sets of 10-12 tosses. 
The movement engages the quadriceps, shoulders, abdominals, upper and lower back. You can add a “Superset” of push-ups before this movement as you progress.