Weather Update 1/17

Additional Weather Program Updates:

Babysitting will be open.

Kids Fitness is on.

Spin classes are on.

Group and Water fitness classes are on, with the exception of 8:30 Yoga.

All Fitness Training programs in workout areas on.

Tennis Clinics are on.

Tennis League at 9:30am is cancelled. Makeup at end of season.

Tennis Program Update 1/5/18

Tennis Program reminder:

Due to the Tennis Open House, regularly scheduled programs are cancelled on the morning and mid/day of Friday Jan 5.

No Cardio Tennis

No Morning Leagues

No Clinics

Just the FREE Open House Programs with the pros!

9:30-11am Women 4.0-4.5 players

11:30am-1pm CoEd Open Level

7-9:30pm Doubles Social Mixer Play


KristenNewmanI have worked with Kristine for over four years. I started with the Biggest Loser classes and never left. She is very knowledgeable and dedicated. Over the years I have dealt with complications from MS and she has adapted my routines and helped me strengthen my body to keep my daily life as normal as possible. I’m not sure where I would be without her. I would highly recommend her to everyone looking for fun and effective workouts.

Diane S.

As a champion couch potato and lover of all things food, I was hesitant to start training as I wasn’t sure I had the time, energy, money, or really motivation to follow through.

I hesitantly signed up for one session with Sara just to see if I would even like the idea of changing my ways. From day one, Sara made me feel like I was working out with a friend and a mentor rather than a personal trainer. Which was exactly what I needed to inspire me to really try to reach my fitness goals. She showed me workouts that not only challenged me but kept me intrigued to what new or fun workout could Sara come up with for me. She personalizes each work out for your needs and talked to me about my nutritional habits as well.

To any individual reading this that has the same excuses that I had (time, energy, motivation, money, etc.) I say this: anything to benefit you is the best investment you will ever make. Make the time for your health even if its just one hour a week to start out! You get one body lets start treating it well. By this investment in your body, your body will thank you by giving you the energy that you are lacking right now. And what about the money? The amount of money I have spent at the gym on training twice a week for 6 months does not even compare to the amount that I used to spend each month going out to eat (YIKES). And your motivation can be formed within the relationships that you form with your trainer and fellow gym goers as it has for me. And let me tell you, Sara is one of the best! I have lost and kept off 15 pounds so far and really tightened areas that I thought would stay flabby forever. I feel strong, confident, and happy thanks to Sara and our hard work together.

So Sara if you’re reading this YOU THE REAL MVP.


Allison Rowe is a very capable and knowledgable trainer. I’ve worked with Allison on and off over over two years and during those times my strength and endurance improves.

As an “aging athlete”, I have body parts that don’t respond as they used to; Allison tailors the exercises to get that part moving again. She uses my strengths and limitations to build a workout that is achievable and challenging. Allison varies the exercises at each session and provides great direction and correction in performing each exercise. Allison is very personable and I enjoy training with her. I would recommend Allison to anyone who is serious about improving their physical health.

submitted by Cindy Glowacki 5/5/17


20170512_090151I joined SportFit in January of 20012.  At that time, I needed a cane to walk and experienced significant pain due to a year-old unresolved foot injury.  The only classes I could do at that time were the aqua-arthritis classes in the therapy tank.  Over the next two years,  those classes strengthened my leg enough to get rid of the cane.  The support of Lanie and the others in the class supported me through breast cancer treatment and a broken wrist.  Today, I still take the aqua-arthritis class and have more flexibility and balance than I had  ten years ago.  I have also added resist-a-ball, weight circuit and corrective muscle conditioning to my schedule.  I am so grateful to SportFit and the instructors, who first accommodated, then helped me overcome my weaknesses.  Although the foot issue remains and will never resolve, I experience much less pain because of the increased strength in my body.  I highly recommend Sport Fit classes to anyone looking to have a stronger, healthier body .

Sue Vadala