I approached personal training with Brian at a very low point in my life. I just had a miscarriage, was deeply depressed, and because of this I gained substantial weight. I needed something to help me get motivated to get back on track, hold me accountable, and get excited about exercise again. I had tried personal training before and had certain expectations going into my first meeting with Brian. However, it was a very different experience than I was expecting!

Brian focused on education first- helping me understand proper movements and mechanics, heart rate zones, and the different phases of strength training. Not only did he hold me accountable and motivate me, he taught me what I should be doing on my own inside and outside of the gym. Brian was always available to help guide and encourage me. He helped me create fitness programs to do on my own at the gym, at home, or in a hotel gym during my frequent work travel. Brian took an active interest in helping me achieve my goals and push myself. With his guidance I have been able to increase my strength, challenge myself, and feel comfortable in any fitness setting.

My time with Brian has been extremely valuable! I have lost weight, feel stronger, am more confident, and am more educated about my body and abilities. Most importantly I am excited about fitness again!

Jeanne D’Alonzo Davis


My experience with Heather has been very fun, productive and inspiring. Heather has taught me many new things not only with working out but with living a better and healthier lifestyle. I have seen so much progress in my body and also in myself mentally. She is such a nice person,easy to work with and she makes me feel comfortable as well.


DaleShinkawaJust thought I would send my words of endorsement for my trainer, Sandy Newman. I came off of several months of training with a large group & had made some weight loss but was not really any stronger & really could not follow a future program.  I have trained with Sandy now for almost a year. I have seen dramatic changes in the inches I have reduced from my body and pounds that seemed to melt off.  Most important is how strong & fit I am.  Friends that have not seen me in months are in awe, not just in my smaller size but mostly in how firm & strong looking I am.  What worked most was Sandy’s direction in proper form & gentle encouragement to increase my repetitions & or weights.  All of this plus her tips on additional ways to burn fat increased my enthusiasm to reach my goals.  When I went for my yearly physical exam a month ago my doctor was thrilled, as was I, as my blood pressure had dropped, my cholesterol counts had dropped and my blood sugars had improved!!  I highly recommend her training style, especially for the “mature” population, which is adaptive to injuries and ability. Please don’t hesitate to call me should you have any questions.

Dale Shinkawa


BrennaWojnoMy husband and two kids joined Sport Fit two months ago. I have been a member of most gyms in the area and they do not compare to Sport Fit.

The facility is very kid friendly, (the toddler classes and babysitting are GREAT) which makes it easier for a stay at home mom like me!

The staff is extremely friendly and the group exercise classes are challenging and such great workouts. I have not done one that I was disappointed with. We are looking forward to enjoying the summer at the pool and to begin swim lessons with my two year old.

I am so thankful that we joined Sport Fit, as it has made my days better!

Brenna Wojno





AEBeforeAfterSandyThis is Sandy’s 60 lb. weight loss transformation pic!! In her words she has “regained her life” due to the various milestones she’s achieved in the process! Not only the weight loss but the self esteem she has rediscovered!! 

Sandy worked her tail off everyday for over a year and with the help of her Personal Trainer, Chris Brown she was able to reach those milestones. And she’s not done just yet!  Great job Sandy!! #Amazing #Motivation #GreatStory

Here Sandy is doing one of her favorite “Dynamic Core Movements”.  A squat with a overhead slam ball toss (10 lbs).  She typically does 3 sets of 10-12 tosses. 
The movement engages the quadriceps, shoulders, abdominals, upper and lower back. You can add a “Superset” of push-ups before this movement as you progress.






SF Morning Update 2/16

Currently, Sport Fit is Open at normal time and all programs and babysitting are ON.
The Tennis Leagues:

9:30 and 11:00 leagues are ON

10:00 sent out a cancel notice last night.
Even though both school systems have closed, Sport Fit will be open and attempting to run all possible programs. Members may use the babysitting if their children are 12 years or younger.

Club Status Weather Update

  Tennis courts are open and lessons, clinics and leagues are ON!

Due to the snow and ice conditions PG and AA county schools have called for a two hour delay. This means there will be NO: Aqua Exercise, Group Exercise, Kid’s Fitness or Studio Cycling. Babysitting will be OPEN. Bright Beginnings will be on a two hour delay.

While we expect to be fine, any decisions concerning afternoon classes will be made after 2 PM. If you have questions concerning programs that may not be listed here, please feel free to contact the club at 301.262.4553. Thank you and stay safe!

Al Wesson

I want to say Thank you to Brian Graham for his help in improving my Physical condition. Although I am a work in progress, he has help me by developing a program that improved my ability to perform activities of daily living. For example, when I started his program I had aching knees, low energy, and felt weak. Brian first assessed my ability to do normal tasks such as standing, walking, balancing, and lunging. From that assessment he found that I had poor posture, strength, and movement patterns. From that point he developed a program tailored specifically to address these issues. Since Day one I have been able to notice a difference in my fitness level!

Also, I would like to say that Brian was great in keeping me motivated. He paid attention to each of my particular personal physical issues. Brian encouraged me to push at times but when he saw that a routine appeared stressful for me he encouraged me to take it slow. Now I feel like I am back to my old self. My walking stride is quick again, I do not feel the pain in my knees like I did when I began, I feel stronger, and I continue to work hard. Thank you very much Brian!
Al Wesson