I approached personal training with Brian at a very low point in my life. I just had a miscarriage, was deeply depressed, and because of this I gained substantial weight. I needed something to help me get motivated to get back on track, hold me accountable, and get excited about exercise again. I had tried personal training before and had certain expectations going into my first meeting with Brian. However, it was a very different experience than I was expecting!

Brian focused on education first- helping me understand proper movements and mechanics, heart rate zones, and the different phases of strength training. Not only did he hold me accountable and motivate me, he taught me what I should be doing on my own inside and outside of the gym. Brian was always available to help guide and encourage me. He helped me create fitness programs to do on my own at the gym, at home, or in a hotel gym during my frequent work travel. Brian took an active interest in helping me achieve my goals and push myself. With his guidance I have been able to increase my strength, challenge myself, and feel comfortable in any fitness setting.

My time with Brian has been extremely valuable! I have lost weight, feel stronger, am more confident, and am more educated about my body and abilities. Most importantly I am excited about fitness again!

Jeanne D’Alonzo Davis

Al Wesson

I want to say Thank you to Brian Graham for his help in improving my Physical condition. Although I am a work in progress, he has help me by developing a program that improved my ability to perform activities of daily living. For example, when I started his program I had aching knees, low energy, and felt weak. Brian first assessed my ability to do normal tasks such as standing, walking, balancing, and lunging. From that assessment he found that I had poor posture, strength, and movement patterns. From that point he developed a program tailored specifically to address these issues. Since Day one I have been able to notice a difference in my fitness level!

Also, I would like to say that Brian was great in keeping me motivated. He paid attention to each of my particular personal physical issues. Brian encouraged me to push at times but when he saw that a routine appeared stressful for me he encouraged me to take it slow. Now I feel like I am back to my old self. My walking stride is quick again, I do not feel the pain in my knees like I did when I began, I feel stronger, and I continue to work hard. Thank you very much Brian!
Al Wesson