Sandy Newman

Sandy has been a member of Sport Fit since 2000. She has always been interested in health and fitness and she believes fitness, exercise education and improved health can begin at any age! Whether you are a beginner new to exercise or an avid exerciser looking for some new challenges, Sandy can design a program for YOU!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!  Take control of your future starting now, believe in yourself, and take that first step!

School Background

Trainer Certificates

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

USTA Tennis Player Level 4.5


I had worked out on my own for years, but my exercise routine had become stale and monotonous.  Working with Sandy Newman has made all the difference for me.  She is innovative, knowledgeable, positive and fun, as she pushes me just enough to get the results I’m looking for.  Sandy keeps my work outs fresh and challenging.  She goes beyond just monitoring my program by researching different types of fitness strategies to improve my mental and physical health.   When I sustained a knee injury playing tennis several months ago, Sandy modified my work out routine so I could still exercise, burn calories and strengthen my quad muscles. My knee improved so much that my doctor gave me permission to go skiing!  Sandy is a personable, professional, dedicated personal trainer who creates workouts tailored to an individual’s goals that are fun and produce results.


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