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    LM Body Pump
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    Bright Beginnings 
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    Bee's Waxing & Facials
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    Personal Training 

    Personal Training

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    Group Training

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    Finest Equipment

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    Cycle Studio

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What is Personal Training at Sport Fit??

Results based training programs at Sport Fit are designed to safely achieve 

member’s fitness goals faster and more efficiently. With proper professional

guidance, your personal trainer will guide you through workouts specifically designed

to meet your needs whether in a one on one session or in a small group 


Results Based Assessment for New Members

As a new member, you will receive an assessment session where you will 

discuss your goals both long term and short term.  You will receive a science

based assessment through The Visual Fitness Planner.  This patented soft-

ware is designed to produce an accurate review of your current health and 

fitness status and then projects you at your predefined goals.  

Small Group Personal Training

Training is easier when you have a few friends to work out with! Our personal 

trainers love to work out their clients in small groups because it keeps it fun

and exciting.  We offer a number of small groups through out the week and on the

weekends that you could join and start smashing those fitness goals!

One on One Training

We offer one on one personal training for our members looking for a

specialized experience.  The sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes of 

fitness personally designed for each client to help them reach and surpass 

their fitness goals.

Contact Personal Training Director Gigi Nash at 301-262-4553

or gigi.nash@sportfitclubs.com to schedule your new member Results Assessment

appointment or to discuss our training options best suited to guide you to your goals.