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    Personal Training 

    Personal Training

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    Group Training

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    Finest Equipment

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    Cycle Studio

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What is Personal Training at Sport Fit?

Personal Training is designed to safely achieve your fitness goals faster. With the guidance of your personal trainer, you will go through cardio, flexibility, upper and lower body resistance workouts more efficiently.

How Does Personal Training Work?

Your trainer will first take you trough an evaluation to identify your goals prior to creating a personalized fitness plan. During each session, you will receive the proper encouragement and learn the best exercises for your fitness needs. Your trainer will safely guide you through the proper amount of weight and number of reps, how long to rest between sets, and how to avoid injury. With each session with a personal trainer, you will move a little closer to achieving your goals!

More about Training & Trainers.

Statistics show that you are 5 times more likely to achieve results faster with the assistance of a personal trainer. Even if you meet with a trainer once a week or several weeks, you increase your chances of reaching your goals sooner. Whether you want to lose 20 lbs. or you are training for a triathlon, a trainer has the knowledge and expertise to get you to those goals. Our trainers have over 50 years of experience at the highest level of training, we will get you results!

5 Reasons To Have A Personal Trainer at Sport Fit

  1. Results – Safely get the most out of each exercise and workout!
  2. Motivation – So many of us say we want to but decide to start “next week”!
  3. Accountability – Trainers at Sport Fit will provide the necessary accountability to maximize results.
  4. Variety – Learn a variety of workouts that will effectively help you with your specific goals.
  5. Avoid Plateaus – Your trainer will know exactly when to chage your workout to avoid any plateaus that may slow your progress.

Contact Personal Training Director, Chris Brown to find out how to:
Get a FREE introductory Personal Training Session.
Take look at the various Personal Training Packages we have to offer.