Melvin Henderson

Melvin has been a personal trainer since 2006 and is certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports and Medicine). With collegiate level personal experience in both football and track & field, Melvin is a very versatile trainer. Whether you are gearing up for competition or trying to lose weight, Melvin is your man! A stickler for proper technique while working out, he would rather you get the right form than just finish your workout. With a laid back personality, he believes that yelling during a workout is NO way to help achieve your goals. But, don’t let the calm fool you – Although quiet, he can still keep up the intensity during your session.

School Background

Trainer Certificates

Certified Personal Trainer with NASM

TRX certified


As a former collegiate athlete in football and track and field Melvin uses those techniques to help his clients’s goal whether it be weight loss, maintaining fitness or preparing for a wide range of sports. Melvin has been a trainer for several years and is very form and technique oriented because without this you cannot achieve your ideal goal. Even with that he manages to make the training sessions fun and upbeat because after all, the more you enjoy something the more motivated you are to achieve your goal! 



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