Kids Fitness Classes Summer 2017

Kids Fitness Descriptions Summer 2017

Our Children’s Fitness Program offers a large variety of exciting and engaging classes.  Our certified instructors use games and fun fitness activities to keep your child active!  Our goal is to offer classes that focus on movement, balance, endurance, strength and flexibility. 



  Kids Fitness Descriptions


Animal Yoga: From the Cobra to the Flying Eagle, your preschooler will have fun learning how to stretch and relax in a stress-free environment.

Da’ Bomb Boot Camp: Band exercise, jump rope, agility ladder, etc. Endurance and strength training can have a great impact on a child’s self image.

Dance: Kids will love learning technique and choreographed movement to several different music genre.

Fit Kids Circuit Training: Combing short bursts of muscle-building exercise like crunches or weightlifting with short bursts of cardiovascular exercise make for a great workout and sure to get your kids moving.

Fitness Center Workout: Kids will use various machines throughout the fitness center. The instructor will focus on proper form, technique, and gym etiquette- while your child gets a great workout. Tennis shoes required.

Game Time: Children will learn a variety of different games, focusing on working together and friendly competition. They will use equipment as well as their imagination and physical skills.

Hoopin’ It Up: It’s all about the hoops. Hula Hoops and basketballs will keep your kids spinning and dunking throughout this fast paced class.

Kick Start Boxing: Give your children a kick start! It combines martial arts and heart-pumping cardio in a high-energy workout guaranteed to increase endurance. It will challenge their minds and bodies with punches, kicks, and toning exercises in this total body workout.

Little Champs Kick Boxing: Your child will feel like a champ while challenging their minds and bodies with arms, kicks, and concentration.

Move n Groove: This program blends educational concepts with various forms of movement, dance, and gymnastics. The programs help develop gross motor skills, movement creativity, fitness, and body awareness. Each class is taught using lesson plans which incorporate original and traditional age-appropriate songs.

Music and Movements: Marching, leaping, and skipping! Inspired by the various genres of music played throughout class, children are inspired to let their inner dancer shine.

Ninja Warrior Kids: It’s all about the obstacle courses! Children will participate in adrenaline pumping fun as instructors guide children through a series of obstacles.

Once Upon a Mat: Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a young child’s growing curiosity. Playful poses, animated breathing exercises, imaginative relaxation techniques, and more.

Play n Learn: ABCs and 123s. Instructors will combine education and movement to keep children thinking as they exercise. Colors, Numbers, Spelling and more will be cleverly integrated into exciting fitness activities.

Sign and Play: Kids will love learning the sign language symbols for the exercises, games, and activities they do in this one of a kind fitness class.

Soccer Classes: Classes focus on increasing balancing skills, coordination and fundamental soccer skills. We utilize creative games and help kids develop listening skills, cooperation and teamwork. Class skills are adjusted according to age groups.

Step n Stomp: Your toddler will step, clap, slap and stomp their way to fitness! Increasing their coordination while making music with their hands and feet, they’ll also stimulate their minds.

T Ball Classes: The class introduces participants to the basics of T-ball/baseball. Depending on the age group, Participants will learn the fundamentals of throwing, catching, and hitting.

Yoga Kids: Improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. Children will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques.