IMG_4843Hold the anesthesia!

No scalpels- required! Consumers are turning away from traditional face-lifts as they seek noninvasive measures found in the latest and greatest , face rejuvenating techniques in services offered at Bee’s Waxing Room. Bee is dedicated to make each of her clients feel like a naturally youthful woman (or man). In addition to delivering rapid results with no downtime, topicals, unlike surgical face-lifts, can improve skin’s long term health and surface texture.

Today’s formulas can actually improve the skins metabolism and repair functions. Topicals provide a source of nutritional building blocks, vitamins, and co-factors that assist in treating aging skin. Bernie believes in the power of Antioxidants, which are necessary for collagen-stimulating fibroblast activity. Combining Vitamin C with hyaluronic acid is an especially smart way to soften lines and wrinkles by plumping skin.

In addition, experts agree that the best way to enhance the benefits of those topical is with the use of equipment that can boost their penetration into skin via specific technologies like Radio frequency waves. Bernie uses an electrode that produces localized heat injury within the dermal and subdermal layers, as well as collagen contraction- all of which leads to tightened skin.

Bernie is well-known for the power in her hands by manipulating clients’ acupressure points. Acupressure is known to improve metabolism and blood circulation, unlocking doors to youthful complexions, reducing wrinkles, and tigening the dermis. For instance messaging the “third eye” point, located between the eyebrows, stimulates the pituitary gland and helps enhance cell regeneration.

Make an appointment with Bernie today. Her organic products combined with her extensive knowledge in skin care techniques are sure to impress. Most importantly, she will focus on every client’s individual skin care needs.