DaleShinkawaJust thought I would send my words of endorsement for my trainer, Sandy Newman. I came off of several months of training with a large group & had made some weight loss but was not really any stronger & really could not follow a future program.  I have trained with Sandy now for almost a year. I have seen dramatic changes in the inches I have reduced from my body and pounds that seemed to melt off.  Most important is how strong & fit I am.  Friends that have not seen me in months are in awe, not just in my smaller size but mostly in how firm & strong looking I am.  What worked most was Sandy’s direction in proper form & gentle encouragement to increase my repetitions & or weights.  All of this plus her tips on additional ways to burn fat increased my enthusiasm to reach my goals.  When I went for my yearly physical exam a month ago my doctor was thrilled, as was I, as my blood pressure had dropped, my cholesterol counts had dropped and my blood sugars had improved!!  I highly recommend her training style, especially for the “mature” population, which is adaptive to injuries and ability. Please don’t hesitate to call me should you have any questions.

Dale Shinkawa