LaVonne-5-09-2017I began doing water aerobics for exercise when it was first introduced at the Laurel spa in June 1975. I have continued doing this exercise three times a week ever since. When the Laurel Sport Fit closed in May 2013, I transferred to the Bowie Sport Fit. A few years ago my doctor asked if I exercised regularly and when I told him what I was doing; he said that is probably why I have such a healthy heart and told me to keep on doing it. I am now beginning my 80th year of life.

~ LaVonne Hanlon



Teresa BernhardI decided I was going to learn to play tennis. My kids were gone, I needed exercise and something to occupy my newly available time and tennis seemed like a good choice. To start, I signed up for an introductory beginner class at Bowie Sport Fit. That’s how I met Phillip Jorgensen.

Phillip is a young, energetic and knowledgeable tennis instructor. He impressed me immediately and immensely both with his knowledge and his character. Since I wanted to get better, I signed up for a few private lessons with Phillip. He is phenomenal! He worked with my physical abilities in a way that made me feel comfortable. More importantly, he doesn’t just tell me what I am doing wrong; he tells me how to fix it. For instance, my serve was abominable. Phillip tweaked everything including my toss, stance, swing and swing tempo and my follow through and in the end, my serve greatly improved. He also tweaks my groundstrokes by explaining how to adjust my back swing, grip, swing motion, foot work etc. It’s one thing to say that the “racquet face was open” and entirely another to be able to tell me how to fix it. I have gone from barely being able to hit the ball to playing in a beginner’s league with some success! Another thing Phillip does, which I find truly fun, is he says things in an entertaining way. He says things like “dance on the court” (and then does a little dance)-this is his way to gently remind me that I need to move my feet if I want to get to the ball or also tells me to “trust my swing” which is his way of reminding me to play like I practice.

At the same time he’s very professional. He always works with my schedule, is on time and runs efficient lessons. I attend his clinics on Tuesday as well as Sunday and I always learn something new.

The bottom line is that Phillip has quickly helped me improve my skills in a fun and effective way-and his lessons give me a workout that’s equal to my capabilities. If you are looking for a fun tennis experience or just need to tweak something in your game, give Phillip Jorgensen a try!




My experience with Heather has been very fun, productive and inspiring. Heather has taught me many new things not only with working out but with living a better and healthier lifestyle. I have seen so much progress in my body and also in myself mentally. She is such a nice person,easy to work with and she makes me feel comfortable as well.