RosannaTestimonialPic“I’ve been a Sport Fit Member 10 years this month! What I love about Sport Fit is that it is the friendliest place with the most helpful trainers. I love their group fitness classes, the tennis programs, and I love the pool. I learned to swim here, I learned to play tennis here, I learned how to do a plank, a squat, a push up, and everything else you can imagine! It’s just a great place to be.”

Doubles Drill & Play

IMG_3662I have had the great pleasure of attending clinics and having private lessons with Marjorie Collins over the last 4 years. She is a wonderful instructor who has helped me improve my tennis game in all areas. Her clinics are a combination of stoke development and doubles strategy and she is great at focusing in on everyone’s different areas they need to work on. Marjorie is always smiling and positive and usually has you focus on one thing at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. The  classes are well organized and she keeps you IMG_3659hitting lots of balls even in a large class? Majorie is able to explain and break down strokes and her private lessons are a great place to work on your weaknesses. The fact that I drive one hour and a half once a week in the winter to attend Marjorie’s Monday advance clinic is testimonial to her great teaching skills!    Marisa Mansueti (red shirt, far left top photo)


“Marjorie is an outstanding instructor who makes tennis drills into some of the most enjoyable time of the day for kids and adults of all levels alike. The most amazing thing about playing with Marjorie is her genuine delight in the progress her students make – I always come off the court with sharpened skills and renewed confidence. Nobody can make you feel like you are going to Wimbledon like Marjorie does!”

I don’t think I can adequately express how much love playing with you. But I hope this gets at least some of my excitement across. – Tatiana (top photo right side grey tank top)


I picked up a racquet for the first time four years ago for Sport Fit’s Free Intro to Tennis classes and have not looked back. I love the clinics, leagues, and court time at the club. The pros are very supportive of new players. The tennis community at Sport Fit Bowie is amazing and I’ve enjoyed making new friends through the sport. – Gigi (lower photo center pink shirt)


My instructor, Marjorie Collins, has taken me from zero skill level to playing in leagues. She is patient, persistent and passionate. In group lessons she pays full attention to each player. I am in awe of her ability to teach all ages and levels.

This combination of qualities makes Marjorie an exceptional instructor and I feel fortunate to be her student.

Rosanna O. (lower photo right side black shirt)

Also pictured: Top Photo – center Christine, Lower Photo – Robert (left)









StigPic“Our son (8 yo) has been taking tennis classes with coach Marjorie for the past year. He has loved it! His tennis skills have really improved. We admire coach Marjorie’s ability to keep the kids engaged and having fun with tennis throughout the entire lessons. We look forward to the summer tennis camps with coach Marjorie and the rest of the tennis coaches at Sport Fit.”


Another Perfect Swing tennis program testimonial.  We’re very proud of the players and encourage them to learn how to speak for themselves and handle the press as they develop.  Knowing how to compete well and how to handle both winning and losing is an important element of any program.


Teresa BernhardI decided I was going to learn to play tennis. My kids were gone, I needed exercise and something to occupy my newly available time and tennis seemed like a good choice. To start, I signed up for an introductory beginner class at Bowie Sport Fit. That’s how I met Phillip Jorgensen.

Phillip is a young, energetic and knowledgeable tennis instructor. He impressed me immediately and immensely both with his knowledge and his character. Since I wanted to get better, I signed up for a few private lessons with Phillip. He is phenomenal! He worked with my physical abilities in a way that made me feel comfortable. More importantly, he doesn’t just tell me what I am doing wrong; he tells me how to fix it. For instance, my serve was abominable. Phillip tweaked everything including my toss, stance, swing and swing tempo and my follow through and in the end, my serve greatly improved. He also tweaks my groundstrokes by explaining how to adjust my back swing, grip, swing motion, foot work etc. It’s one thing to say that the “racquet face was open” and entirely another to be able to tell me how to fix it. I have gone from barely being able to hit the ball to playing in a beginner’s league with some success! Another thing Phillip does, which I find truly fun, is he says things in an entertaining way. He says things like “dance on the court” (and then does a little dance)-this is his way to gently remind me that I need to move my feet if I want to get to the ball or also tells me to “trust my swing” which is his way of reminding me to play like I practice.

At the same time he’s very professional. He always works with my schedule, is on time and runs efficient lessons. I attend his clinics on Tuesday as well as Sunday and I always learn something new.

The bottom line is that Phillip has quickly helped me improve my skills in a fun and effective way-and his lessons give me a workout that’s equal to my capabilities. If you are looking for a fun tennis experience or just need to tweak something in your game, give Phillip Jorgensen a try!



Gary Anderson

IMG_5193“I have thoroughly enjoyed the tennis facility at Sport Fit over the many years I have played tennis at their facility. The hard courts and clay courts have been maintained to the highest level making them enjoyable to play on. I would recommend Sport Fit highly to anyone who has an interest in tennis or who enjoys exercising their body.”

Tim Scoville

IMG_5192“I’m a life-long tennis player.  Since retiring in 2013, I’ve been fortunate enough to find an active group of SportFit tennis players that plays every day, on the clay all summer and indoors all winter or in bad weather. How can you beat that? The facilities are great and the staff super friendly and helpful. I love this place!”

Gilbert Crampton

IMG_5207“I am a senior citizen and have been a member for more than 2 years. My participation in Cardio Tennis has resulted in improvement in my health, and  tennis game. The Wednesday and Friday cardio sessions are lead by Kevin McClure an excellent and entertaining instructor who keeps things moving.
I have also enjoyed other tennis drills with Marjorie, and Amie. Another plus for tennis players is the availability of a ball machine to practice on. The Bowie facility offers a lot including a courteous and efficient front desk staff to assist you in your activities.”