20170512_090151I joined SportFit in January of 20012.  At that time, I needed a cane to walk and experienced significant pain due to a year-old unresolved foot injury.  The only classes I could do at that time were the aqua-arthritis classes in the therapy tank.  Over the next two years,  those classes strengthened my leg enough to get rid of the cane.  The support of Lanie and the others in the class supported me through breast cancer treatment and a broken wrist.  Today, I still take the aqua-arthritis class and have more flexibility and balance than I had  ten years ago.  I have also added resist-a-ball, weight circuit and corrective muscle conditioning to my schedule.  I am so grateful to SportFit and the instructors, who first accommodated, then helped me overcome my weaknesses.  Although the foot issue remains and will never resolve, I experience much less pain because of the increased strength in my body.  I highly recommend Sport Fit classes to anyone looking to have a stronger, healthier body .

Sue Vadala



I would like to share my experience as a member of how Sport Fit has been beneficial for me in all aspects of my life: physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. I can remember how heavy my legs felt after I completed my very first class of Aqua Arthritis on January 2, 2017 and I knew right then and there that aqua therapy was what I needed in order to improve my recovery from major back surgery.

I have made more progress doing aqua therapy at Sport Fit in just four months, going four times a week, than I did all of last year when I was limited to walking, mat exercises and some limited pool activity. I now feel like there is hope that I will become stronger in hope to be able to walk without my cane. Even though I probably have a ways to go to meet my goal, it’s very exciting to see that I’m making progress each day towards my goal. I have Sport Fit to thank for my encouragement and improvement.

I have really enjoyed taking group classes (eg. Aqua Arthritis, Total Water, Deep Water and Water Weights) with knowledgable, qualified instructors leading the way. I have not only benefitted from the well rounded instruction but it has been a real pleasure to reach out and meet new people who have been thru what I’m going thru in my recovery. The people I’ve met in the classes are wonderful and very helpful and are a real source of information and inspiration.

I could not be happier with my decision to join Sport Fit, as it has really enhanced my once gloomy outlook on my recovery. The benefit of going to Sport Fit is that I start my aqua workouts early in the day and I’m usually finished by 11:00 am, thus, I have completed a majority of my exercise routine before lunch. Quite honestly, the best I feel all day is when I get into my car after my workout knowing that I did my best to help myself in my recovery. I also still have time later in the day to continue doing my daily walk and I have even started to do fifteen minutes a day on the Elliptical Edge. For this, I am truly grateful to be a member of Sport Fit.



KristenMaxwellI joined Sport Fit last year and was completely new to fitness. I didn’t know where to start, I knew I wanted to get “healthier” and “thinner” but had no idea how. Thanks to Eddie and her sculpt n abs class I got into strength training and was able to lose 20 lbs. Eddie makes each of her classes unique, engaging, and creative. She takes the time to teach correct form and pays attention to the class to keep everyone safe and motivated. She takes an interest in her participants, makes everyone feel welcome, and is always willing to give fitness advice or listen to small talk. Without her coaching and influence, I wouldn’t be where I am today and my membership fee would have just gone down the drain.

Thank you Eddie!


This note expresses my sentiment about my Water Aerobics Class. This class taught by Eddie is monumental!!!!

She has compassion for us old gals as well as the young. She takes her time to explain each movement and what muscle will be strengthened by the exercise.

We go through many routines without missing a beat and it works for the body. We dance to the music in the pool and she is unstructured with the music. If someone wants to change the music; she changes immediately and keeps it moving. We have become as a family as Eddie as the mother instructing, and caring for us as no other would; to help us feel better each night, we come here. I sincerely thank Sport Fit for service to us.

Anonymous Aqua Arthritis Participant



LaVonne-5-09-2017I began doing water aerobics for exercise when it was first introduced at the Laurel spa in June 1975. I have continued doing this exercise three times a week ever since. When the Laurel Sport Fit closed in May 2013, I transferred to the Bowie Sport Fit. A few years ago my doctor asked if I exercised regularly and when I told him what I was doing; he said that is probably why I have such a healthy heart and told me to keep on doing it. I am now beginning my 80th year of life.

~ LaVonne Hanlon



It was suggested to me two years ago that I start participating in the aqua arthritis class as I was about to have hip replacement surgery.  That was the best advice.  I have continued since then with the classes for several reasons.  The exercise have certainly helped with recuperation and now prevention of further deterioration, but more importantly, the instructor, Lanie, and long time members of the class want to make sure one is doing the exercises correctly and do  make everyone feel so welcome.  The class is so varied from day to day while moving all parts of the body and the time goes by.  One feels so much better after leaving the class.



My name is Lisa Wood and I joined Sport Fit in March, 2016 because I have a very rare condition which has caused spinal cord damage to my thoracic spine. This condition causes me to have episodes where I am in a wheelchair at times. Since joining Sport Fit for the Aquatic classes, I have more mobility, less pain, and less episodes. Lanie’s Aquatic classes have given me a better quality of life and I am able to go to more family functions than I was able to prior to joining Sport Fit. I am so thankful that I joined and I have recommended Sport Fit to all of my friends and family!


Lisa Wood



I never thought I would like water aerobics because I do not swim and have a fear of the water.  Water aerobics has taught me differently. I have been in the class for almost 2 years and love it!!!!  Rose, the instructor, is a wonderful leader, fun, friendly and helpful.  She shows different methods for moves for those who have trouble.  Rose plays a lot of “oldies” music which we all love and causes some of us to “dance in the water”.  The members of the class have become a “family” and we look out for each other and a lot of us keep in contact outside of the class because we have become good friends.  The class also has periodic “parties” where we either have a pot luck or meet at a restaurant outside of class to have fun together and socialize (which is hard while doing aerobics in the water).

I have an artificial knee and my doctor recommended water aerobics because I cannot run or jog.  Water aerobics has helped me maintain my weight and exercise but still “run” in the water and I actually work up a sweat.  There is no pressure at all on my knees and no pain.

I would highly recommend water aerobics for a great exercise class, good friendships and fun times!!!



BrennaWojnoMy husband and two kids joined Sport Fit two months ago. I have been a member of most gyms in the area and they do not compare to Sport Fit.

The facility is very kid friendly, (the toddler classes and babysitting are GREAT) which makes it easier for a stay at home mom like me!

The staff is extremely friendly and the group exercise classes are challenging and such great workouts. I have not done one that I was disappointed with. We are looking forward to enjoying the summer at the pool and to begin swim lessons with my two year old.

I am so thankful that we joined Sport Fit, as it has made my days better!

Brenna Wojno