Sean Chrysostem

“My wife and I are very appreciative of the training that Jordan has received over the past eight months. He has become not only stronger physically, but mentally as well. His endurance, which was a weakness, has become a strength as he has won several three set matches over the past two months. He has developed tremendous confidence during these tie breaks and is consistently outlasting his opponents. We appreciate the time you (Coach Will) have taken to encourage him and challenge him to be both a better athlete and a person. Thank you.” 

Al Wesson

I want to say Thank you to Brian Graham for his help in improving my Physical condition. Although I am a work in progress, he has help me by developing a program that improved my ability to perform activities of daily living. For example, when I started his program I had aching knees, low energy, and felt weak. Brian first assessed my ability to do normal tasks such as standing, walking, balancing, and lunging. From that assessment he found that I had poor posture, strength, and movement patterns. From that point he developed a program tailored specifically to address these issues. Since Day one I have been able to notice a difference in my fitness level!

Also, I would like to say that Brian was great in keeping me motivated. He paid attention to each of my particular personal physical issues. Brian encouraged me to push at times but when he saw that a routine appeared stressful for me he encouraged me to take it slow. Now I feel like I am back to my old self. My walking stride is quick again, I do not feel the pain in my knees like I did when I began, I feel stronger, and I continue to work hard. Thank you very much Brian!
Al Wesson

Marie Rinaldi

SFMarieRinaldiI had worked out on my own for years, but my exercise routine had become stale and monotonous. Working with Sandy Newman has made all the difference for me. She is innovative, knowledgeable, positive and fun, as she pushes me just enough to get the results I’m looking for. Sandy keeps my work outs fresh and challenging. She goes beyond just monitoring my program by researching different types of fitness strategies to improve my mental and physical health. When I sustained a knee injury playing tennis several months ago, Sandy modified my work out routine so I could still exercise, burn calories and strengthen my quad muscles. My knee improved so much that my doctor gave me permission to go skiing! Sandy is a personable, professional, dedicated personal trainer who creates workouts tailored to an individual’s goals that are fun and produce results.

Marie Rinaldi

Troy Stovall

About 2 years ago, started trying – and I mean trying – to do triathlons. Was my own trainer – a mistake – using a variety of online tools. Did my 1st tri and didn’t do so well, esp in the swimming, I sucked big time

Decided to go a different route and pay for a trainer. Starting working out with Chris about 18 months ago. And he’s made a world of difference in my strength and esp in my swimming. My breathing and strokes (thought I knew how to swim but I didn’t really) are much improved. And more important my confidence is better thanks to Chris (Brown)

We’ve gotten to know each other and our families.  I feel like I’m watching his girl grow.  Great trainer, even better guy!

Carole H. Turner

When I met Christina Werries in July 2010, I was just coming back from a broken ankle, weighed 183lbs., and was thinking about quitting the gym. 

When we first met I discussed with her my two main goals; to lose weight and be able to stop taking my blood pressure medicine.  Over the course of our working relationship my weight has been reduced to 150lbs and I decreased my blood pressure dose from 5.0 mgs to 2.5 mgs.  Better still I should be completely off my medication.  

The workouts that she designed for me were intense and I considered giving up, but with Christina’s persistence and support I pushed through.  To add motivation to achieve my goals I decided to sign on to Sport Fit Biggest Losers contest.  Once I made the commitment, it was on. 

The workouts became even more brutal, and I was in the gym twice a day.  In the morning I did cardio, and the evenings consisted of a high-intensity strength endurance program.  Occasionally we would switch things up and do high-intensity timed workouts, known as “CrossFit.”  It was a great way to continue to take my fitness to the next level.  All of this hard work along side an amazing nutritional plan she started me on, paid off and I won 2nd place.

Three years later as a surprise to Christina I signed up for a Goruck Light Challenge which took place on March 23, 2013. This is a 4-6 hour challenge that consisted of many different exercises and missions all done with a back pack (aka ruck) with 2 bricks and a water camel inside. Christina has designed structured high-intensity CrossFit workouts to prepare myself both mentally & physically for this Goruck challenge & I feel as though I’m in the best shape of my life. Despite the training being very vigorous, I feel stronger & more confident about my performance & I’m ready! Christina has encouraged & motivated me with not only her words, but she also leads by example.  She’s completed some of the CrossFit workouts with me, which I’ve really appreciated, especially after the workout “Murph.” Without her working out with me & pushing me through the workout, I’m not sure I could have completed it on my own!

If it wasn’t for Christina’s hard work and dedication I wouldn’t be where I am today, slimmer and healthier. Christina is great at pushing you to your potential and is aware of your limits.

Christina has instilled in my mind that this is a lifestyle change physically, mentally, and emotionally.  This is something she has helped me change for the rest of my life and because of it I will be healthier and more confident. 

Christina is the best of the best, not only for what she does as a Master Personal Trainer, but as a caring person as well.  She is the only trainer that I would ever recommend to anyone who wants to work hard to get great results.

Carole H. Turner

Lydia I Gilbert-McClain

Of all the decisions I made in 2013, one of the best was to start personal training with Christina Werries. I have always been a workout enthusiast and never really needed much prodding to get to the gym. However, I had come to the point in my training where I felt the need for additional help in getting to a higher level of fitness, and I was also concerned about avoiding injury while working to achieve my goals. I started working with Christina in August 2013 and the results in terms of my increased cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance, have been phenomenal. As added bonuses I have also improved my flexibility, lost body fat, built muscle mass, and gotten leaner, in just 6 months, and the best part of it all is that I am pain free. (Prior to starting with Christina I had been plagued with right hip and knee pain of unknown cause that would sometimes hamper my workout regimens). In spite of being a distance runner who worked out religiously 5 to 6 days a week, I recall the first time Christina took me through a 500m row on the row machine; I felt like I was about to die and finished my first 500m row in 3:09 mins. Within 8 weeks of training I had improved my 500m row speed to a personal best of 1:56 min! As a physician I appreciate firsthand the benefits of physical fitness (and proper nutrition) in combating the leading cause of death in our country (i.e. cardiovascular disease) and the most common chronic medical conditions associated with it (hypertension, and type II diabetes). To this end, I always encourage my patients to exercise. As a personal trainer, Christina is exceptional in many ways. She knows her material, is motivating, encouraging, and always pushes you beyond your comfort zone and never takes “no” for an answer. Additionally, she is extremely professional and gives you your money’s worth down to the last second – literally! I would highly recommend Christina to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

 Submitted February 4, 2014

Lydia I Gilbert-McClain, MD, FCCP

Ted Chambers

imageThe “before” picture is just before I retired in late Dec 2008, and the week before I started coming to Sport Fit and changing my diet. At that time I weighed over 270 lbs, my blood pressure was above 150/90, my cholesterol was very high, and my knees and back hurt. My cardiologist said I was definitely heading for trouble, as did my family doctor.

The week after I retired I started coming to sport fit 3 days a week, taking it easy at first, per my doctor’s advice, but working up to an hour of aerobic exercise and light resistance training each day. I’ve been doing that for 5 ½ years and have only missed a dozen or so times due to weather, power outages, etc. I make working out a priority and do not let other than extreme circumstances prevent it.

By the end of the following October after I retired and started coming to Sport Fit I had imagelost 70 lbs, my blood pressure was 124/74, my cholesterol was in the low normal range and my knees and back no longer hurt; and I have kept the weight off and blood pressure and cholesterol at the low levels for over 4 ½ years. Also, both my cardiologist and family doctor say I’m in very good shape for a 66 year old.

The after picture is how I was at the end of October after coming to Sport Fit, and as I am now. It took me a little over 10 months to go from the “before” to the “after” picture, and associated blood pressures, cholesterol, etc., and I have kept the “after” results for 4 ½ years.

I owe this to working out at Sport Fit, and changing my diet and life style. Interestingly, I actually eat more now than before, but I eat more healthy such as fish, fruit , veggies, etc. I do let myself have what I want once a week, but only in moderation and only if I’m coming to Sport Fit the next day. That way I don’t feel deprived and have been able to stay on my diet for over 5 years.

So, all-in-all; this exercise and diet stuff really works!

Thanks …