Why Hi-Grade Vitamin C?

Why Use a Higher Grade of Vitamin C in Your Facial?
Stimulate Collagen Synthesis
Neutralize Free Radicals
Vital for Normal Cellular Regeneration
Powerful Anti-inflamatory
Powerful Anti-Oxident
Provides Continuous Hydration
Retains Natural Moisture
Allows Valuable Cellular AIT Interchange
Aids in Cell Renewal
Stimulates Cutaneous Micro-circulation
Fights Damage
Renews Skin
Renews Integrity















Handling Your Face


Wash your Face every Evening: Take off the day! It benefits the skin on the cellular level and it helps the skin to rest and to restore itself. If your skin needs some extra restoration, a nice night cream or oil that is paraffin free is very good for the skin. Remember, it is always best to consult with a licensed skin esthetician to get the best skin products for your needs.


Don’t Touch Your Face – This is easier said than done especially if you have a blemish that you can’t help but pester. The more that you touch your face the more problems that will arise. When you touch your face with unclean hands you are pulling bacteria from your dirty hands to your face and causing more fuel for the blemishes. Keep your hands off your face at all costs and do not pick or pop any blemishes! Again with the easier said than done but doing so will result in scaring- leaving you with bigger problems than a measly ol’ pimple.

Protection vs Enhancement


Use SPF Protection – SPF should be worn daily on all skin types – even in the winter! SPF will fight the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays on your skin. You can mix an SPF with your daily moisturizer or find a moisturizer with SPF already in it. Try your best to stay out of the sun from 11:00am-2:00pm when the sun is at it’s peak.


Be Careful with Skin Care Combinations- Some combinations do not play nice with one another. Retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, like glycol and lactic acids. is a recipe for redness and irritation. Additionally, be careful with mixing Citric acid with other products. Layering it can cause irritation. There are many bad combinations so be sure to check with Bee to see which product combinations are safe and effective for your skin.

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy – Just as our mothers told us growing up “You need to eat your veggies!” – If you’re anything like me and can’t sit down and eat a plain and dry salad try an alternative like juicing. Natural juices are full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients that help increase blood flow as well as total cell turnover and regeneration making for the healthiest complexion!

Using Products


Moisturize – Moisturizer is one of the most important beauty products out there. Keeping your skin moisturized will combat multiple skin concerns down the road. Using an overnight moisturizer is a great way to stay consistently hydrated. Skin cell regeneration works faster overnight so using a nighttime moisturizer before bed is sure to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. In addition, it’s important that every woman use an eye cream.


Over Do It – Don’t go overboard with your skin care routine. Keeping it as simple as possible will ensure a healthy complexion. Testing out too many serums and constantly changing your skin care routine will irritate your skin. Find one routine that works best for your skin type and stick to that for as long as possible! A professional esthetician like Bee will help you find the right products for your skin. This will help to keep your skin balanced and happy. 

Hydration Dos & Don’ts


Drink Plenty of Water – Water is essential for a healthy complexion. H2O flushes out the toxins in your body and keeps the rest of your insides on track and working properly. Your skin is the very last organ to receive nutrients and nourishment from water. Meaning that in stressful situations and during these summer months especially, you have to drink even more water than you normally would! How much water should you be drinking? Take your body weight and divide it in half- that is how many ounces of water you should be taking in daily.


Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee –One cup of coffee a day can be beneficial but too many Starbucks trips in one week (or one day for some of us) can be dehydrating on the skin. Our skin needs all the water and hydration it can get, especially in the heat of summer so try to limit your coffee intake as much as physically possible for your lifestyle.

The Benefits of a Facial in Winter

FacialInWinterWinter is traditionally a time when we hunker down, stay in, and snuggle up in something comfy. Feet stay resolutely hidden inside boots and slippers, and there are fewer opportunities to flash those perfectly waxed legs. However, there are many benefits to slipping down to your beauty salon for a winter facial treatment which will not only leave you looking beautiful, but feeling great too.

Despite the lack of sunshine, our skin receives no reprieve from the harsh UV rays over winter. This coupled with the drying effect of wind and the lack of humidity in the air can leave your skin irritated, scaly and sallow.

A facial works to counteract these effects in three ways: by improving circulation, by providing deep cleansing, and by restoring moisture and hydration.

At the outset, it is important for your beauty therapist to do a thorough skin analysis and consultation. Our skin changes as we age, as hormones fluctuate, and as the seasons change. It is important that the right products are selected in order to ensure a beautiful result.

The reason we want to improve circulation to our face is to stimulate our own skin’s natural renewal, leaving a complexion which looks younger and feels smoother. This stimulation can take the form of exfoliants, masks or peels which removes the dead skin cells to reveal the new skin cells underneath.

Exfoliation also allows for ingredients to absorb more deeply into your skin, maximising the benefits.

Winter is also the perfect time to get into some fabulous peel treatments. From peels that you have done in your lunch hour through to treatment mask peels that are left on for 6 or more hours these all benefit different levels to give your skin deep exfoliation and stimulation that minimalizes fine lines, helps with pigmentation and smooth tone texture and can ultimately slow down the aging process

Deep cleansing is important for all skin types, but particularly those prone to blemishes. A facial includes cleansing which helps unblock your pores and promotes healing and restoration. Our daily cleansing regime might be adequate for makeup and grime removal but for skin that is truly clean, a facial gives an unsurpassed result.

Finally, the skin is nourished with a moisturizer matched to your skin type. In general, in winter we require more moisture and protection, which means we need to remain vigilant with our sun protection, in all four seasons.

Of course, forgetting about all the technical jargon for a moment and remember about one of the ultimate health benefits of a facial, and that is the deep relaxation, stress relief and inner warmth which come from taking time out to nurture ourselves.

Facials for people undergoing Chemotherapy

UndergoingChemotherapyA facial focused on restoring hydration to fragile skin can also be a relief for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Facials are an effective way of relaxing and moisturizing stressed out skin. During a specialized facial for chemotherapy patients, your skin will be treated with gentle products applied with careful attention and hygiene. We customize our treatments to fit unique circumstances, forgoing pore extractions (typically included), heavily scented

Having yourself treated with facial helps boost the circulation of blood in the skin products, and other aspects that may be uncomfortable depending on your needs. With this customized facial, dull skin is balanced and brightened, restoring a lustrous complexion.