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2017 September League Registration
Phase I – July 24 – Aug 6 – Members Re-register for same leagues
Phase II – Aug 7-13 – Members Register for new leagues
Phase III – Aug 14-20 NonMembers Re-register for same leagues
Phase IV – Aug 21-27 NonMembers Register for new leagues
Leagues are scheduled play with like rated players, generally in a mix-it-up rotation so that there is a greater variety of match ups each week. 
Log in to http://www.MySportFit.com to see the schedule and availability.  Click Sport Fit Bowie, then click the tab for Tennis, scroll down until you see the text link for the Fall Tennis Leagues.  You will see the levels, days and times of the week.  The system will also indicate whether there is a slot still available for registration.
Please remember that these leagues have ratings on them, so if you register for the first time for a league above your USTA rating and another player is attempting to register that does have the USTA rating of the group, you may be replaced and asked to move to another group.