Indoor Pool - CopyAdult Swim Lesson Descriptions

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Adult 1– This class addresses the unique needs of the adult student. It utilizes a variety of teaching strategies to help adults work though fears, learn skills and practice key elements of the crawl stroke and back float/stroke. Group dynamics will include large group, small group and individualized instruction to allow for a variety of levels within the scope of beginning swimming.  This class is ideal for “scaredy cats” and “dog-paddlers”. 

Adult 2– Students who have an understanding of the basics but are unable to put it all together for lap swimming are ideal candidates for this intermediate level course.  Students should be comfortable putting their faces in the water and should already know how to kick and move their arms to make some progress. Great focus will be placed on proper form, rhythmic breathing and building skills to prepare for swimming laps.

Adult 3– This class has been custom designed for adults who now the basics of swimming. Ideal candidates for the Level 3 class are comfortable in deep water and know who to swim a minimum of one continuous lap. Instruction will focus on refining the front crawl with special attention to breathing, backstroke, breaststroke and treading water. Whether you can swim one lap or one mile, the highly individualized instructional approach of this class makes it challenging for each participant at his/her personal readiness level.

Adult Endurance– This one hour class will concentrate on improving your swim technique, endurance, and breathing for open water swims and how to become a more efficient swimmer. Great for anyone wanting to improve their swim (other strokes will be introduced) and for those getting ready for triathlon season! Must be very comfortable in the deep water and able to swim at least 100 yard freestyle and be comfortable on back.