Pools are not just for swimming anymore! Many forms of exercise, from yoga to running to physical therapy have taken to the water, joining traditional swimming as among the world’s most popular fitness programs. Whether you are pregnant, recovering from an injury or simply want to try a new way to get fit, we have an aquatics program that will suit you.

We offer over 20 water aerobic classes throughout the week with a wide variety of styles. Try our high energy total water workout or the challenge of deep water jogging. Perhaps the therapeutic aqua arthritis class or our water yoga classes are what you need. Whatever your preference, we have a class to suit your style.

Swimming builds strength and endurance, promotes weight loss, and provides a life-saving skill. And it’s a low-impact form of exercise. Swimming utilizes the natural buoyancy of water so that no pressure or strain is placed on working muscles and joints. We offer classes based on age and skill level and are taught in levels of progression to enhance learning and ensure water safety.